Weekly outline

  • Mastering Management

    Welcome to Mastering Management

    The objective of this program is to ensure Managers at MCU have the foundational management skills to be effective.

  • Module 1

    Managing Self

    Throughout this module, we will be addressing specific topics which will help ensure your success as a manager. In this section, you can describe:

    • Time Management
    • Managing Stress
    • Communicating for Persuasion
  • Module 2

    Managing Others

    Throughout this module we will explore topics to help you manage others and teams more effectively. In particular, we will look at:

    • Managing others
    • Managing conflict
    • Managing meetings
  • Module 3

    Managing Business 

    Throughout this module we will strengthen core business skills that managers at MCU require. We will focus on the following:

    • Finance for non-finance managers
    • Customer focus
    • Managing budgets
  • The MCU Way

    Learning is more than acquiring skills, it is also developing vision and ensuring application to the job and to the organization. The MCU Way provides opportunities to involve senior managers and executives in the program, and will also a 4-week action learning component, where groups of participants will work on live cases validated and presented to the MCU executive committee.